Dex and Em


On that One Day in Lucca, you said you were disappointed because of me not reading. From that day, I’ve always wanted to pick up the reading habit. I guess I can now say I am a person who read. And I’m proud of holding a book in MTR instead of obsessing with smart phones like everyone does in Hong Kong. Thank you for that. For encouraged me to be a better person, while you might not know you could have such impact on me.

One Day, is probably the only film that I watched after I read the book. And I realized now why people always say the same comment about adapted film, ‘The book is way better than the film.’ Still, I know it’s a bit unfair to say that, since people read the book before the film, and people only watch the film because the like the book. So it’s difficult for the film to meet the reader’s expectations. An adapted film is just a way to publicize a good book.

I’ve wanted to write something about One Day for a while. But I did not have the time to tidy up my thought… I still don’t. So this would be quite random.

The obvious reason I like One Day, is I kind of relate our friendship with Dex and Em’s. This may overly romanticize our friendship. But I guess we have similar bonding despite we meet so not frequent. Of course I hope I am more clever and less of a jerk like Dexter. But you are certainly as charming and intelligent like Emma.

When I was reading the book, I realized, the more you care and trust someone, the more fragile you appear in front of that person. I’ve experienced that recently. But it’s kind of a blessing to have someone to show your fragile side to. And I hope you would find that someone and hold on to it too.

I hope our friendship can be kept as long as Dex and Em’s, even though we just meet One Day every now and then.

PS. Emma is so Anne Hathaway!


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