Next Step

These two weeks I took study leave for the professional assessment next week. We have to pass 9 papers in total in order to be called an ‘Architect’. Yes… 5 years of study is not enough to be recognized.

I can hardly focus at home. (I am at home now so I am writing this entry) So sometimes I have to study in a café or such. There is emerging number of nice cafés in the city. Nice in terms of the decorations and spaces, not necessary the coffee. 😛 By the way, I have tried Movenpick’s coffee in a French restaurant at North Point, it was really good.

After studying a small portion of the unorganized materials I am a bit tired. And I do not know why I am doing this anymore. I feel it is kind of meaningless. All I can think of now, is all the stuff that I want to do after the exam. What I want to do next.

Am I being quite negative sometimes? I think I should pick up my momentum again, try to force myself back to the mood of studying. Till next time.

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