BitterSweet Bitter

 Check out the Olympics vibes – it’s gonna be chaotic – I can’t wait.

Like two summers ago, I got my heart wrecked, again. It amazes me, I still believe it when a guy says he’s not a bastard; before I know it, he’s gotten too close. It’s not so bad this time, instead of a total shatter, it’s more like a series of sharp stabs. And I learnt my lessons too, I ducked out of it before he destroys me.
So I jam pack my weekends. Last time I had you with me in Italy so I was all smiles in no time. Can’t travel as much as I used to, it’s harder to sneak off on Fridays or Mondays with this new job. (I’m doing shitty crazy hours anyway.) But there’s plenty to do in London, especially with a bike:)
I took a coffee class. The 2009 World Barista Champion was Gwilym, and he started his brand Prufrock, serving coffee in a Japanese clothes shop in East London. Literally a man with an awesome machine. The he branched out to a coffee specialist shop last year, offering classes and equipment that looks more like lab ware.
I don’t think Gwilym hangs around here too often; there’s a new guy called James Bailey who’d won the UK Brewer Cup in 2012.
We started with some basic theory; with this light roasted blend of beans, we worked with 93-94 degrees, 16grams of ground coffee with 33secs to extract to bring out a perfect 27g of double expresso. There was a lot of art with this science. Lots of variables to control: extraction, strength, crema, acidity… I had a lot of fun with a world barista espresso machine:)
Also played with a Syphon Filter to make light, fruity coffee that tasted like red currant tea… and of course latte art, which I don’t think I have mastered yet.
You never know, it might come in useful one day, when I run my own business, I need to know how to serve proper coffee. Oh, I was watching 陳豪 on 品味咖啡, the man was drinking latte, then called it a cappuccino; eating a creme caramel and said it was a creme brulee! *Cringe*
By the way, I’m so glad you took your parents on a beautiful Japan trip; the cherry blossoms looked incredible. Most importantly, you said the main purpose was to be make them happy. I make every effort to take my parents on a trip every year, let them experience something new, something different, something they wouldn’t do by themselves. It’s hard work, but like you said, it’s so worthwhile.
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3 Responses to BitterSweet Bitter

  1. Lawson Lai 說道:

    Hey, please phone whenever you wanna talk. I never understand why someone can hurt a sweet girl like you. Try not to let them hurt you.. Or perhaps you should look for something more stable instead of being adventurous.. I guess I’m not the right one to give any advice though, I should keep my month shut.. haha

    Hong Kong changes quite a lot lately, there’s some awesome cafes and shops at Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan. You must visit there when you come back, I think you’ll like it.


  2. lawsonlai 說道:

    How’s Olympics?

    • wingyee86 說道:

      The Olympics is kind of disappointing… no mess, no major traffic delays, just much much much quieter than usual:(

      It’s hopeless when it comes to heartbreaks, and worst of it, they don’t truly know the damage. It’s okay. Life goes on; the pain eventually wears out. And I keep reminding myself, at least the good times were good.


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