In Exile


Started my job for a week now – can’t help but wondering if I had made the right decision. As with all the major corporates, the initial phase is all about the corporate brainwashing, telling you how great the company is, how it is an achievement to have got in, company culture…blah blah blah…

Coming from a giant bank, this is standard bullshit really.


So I am stuck in the middle of nowhere at the moment, a place called Latimer in the outskirts of London. It looks like a haunted mansion at night, lots of grass and lots of farm.  It’s not actually unfamiliar grounds to me, my secondary school is only a mile away from here. The smell of the countryside brings me back to my secondary school days; that musty smell of hay, misty wet air in the morning, woody smell of furniture that’s clearly older than my parents added together… jot memories. I used to climb a tree in the field with my (then) best friend, with a mini radio and some snacks… those easy days…


We get fed all meals here with too much cat-piss coffee throughout the day. It was fine for a week, eating canteen food. Then it gets worse, and the word ‘daunting’ doesn’t even come close to this. I am almost hoping for a horror movie incident, like one of us goes crazy (most likely me) and people start disappearing mysteriously… shit. I never appreciated my flat in London more – the freedom of popping down to the shops, hop on a bike and see people!


I’ll stop moaning now, hopefully I will get used to it… plans for Easter?

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1 Response to In Exile

  1. lawsonlai 說道:

    Good to see you started a new job. How’s it going now?
    Haha, probably too late to answer you about plans for easter. Read my new entry la, if my English isn’t hurting your eyes. 😛


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