Road to Recovery – 1

There are two ways to mend a heartbreak, a rebound guy or a holiday. And my holiday in Provence was exactly what I needed to feel fantabulous again!

When I planned this holiday, I had 3 wishes: wine tasting, lavender fields and beach. I got all 3 granted.
I started at a cute little city in Avignon. It’s a bit like Lucca, a small city surrounded by a wall that is still largely intact. It was a lot more vibrant than Lucca though, because it was hosting the theatre festival where there were 50+ independent groups putting on various small shows around the city theatres. I didn’t manage to get any tickets, and my travel partner knew as much French as I do Mongolian. But the overall vibe on the streets was buzzing; a fake crime scene blocked off the main road, a beautiful French girl stripped topless in the middle of a plaza that was part of an outdoor restaurant, parades by odd characters. The atmosphere was simply too much fun.
I then booked myself on a full day wine tour. Between coffee tasting and wine tasting, wine wins, hands down. So we should definitely meet at a wine bar next time I’m in HK:) We went through 4 wineries and way too many vineyards. Not only did I learn how to taste like a sommelier and look after a vineyard like an owner, I was completely mesmerised by the landscape.
I made a brief trip to Pont de Gard in the evening, when the sun was more forgiving. Sorry it’s ancient and massive and everything, but I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be admiring. So I sat reading. And ever since I started cycling to work, I struggle to find time to read. Glad you did though. Due to my shrinking flat size I’ve turned to ebooks – but I can also proudly say I’m not playing brainless shitty games on my phone when I’m on the underground!
I read / watched One Day with you in mind too. But I’d say I was the ugly half of Dex plus the insecure side of Em; whereas you had the solid/supportive part of Dex and the loving side of Em. Everytime I screw up I run to you for moral support and reassurance. As for over-romanticising our friendship – like I said, I love you.
To expose my fragility and vulnerability demands unconditional trust and total acceptance from the other person. The few people I entrusted have been let-downs. Then I start to believe I’m too flawed in character, or just I attract (and also am attracted to) fuck-ups. So I try to keep people at arm’s length, that said I throw myself into the unknown before I know it… sigh.
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