Simpleton Pleasure

Your New Year note sounded a little deflated. Was it because you didn’t get what you wished for, or you just didn’t know what to wish for?
Everyone will have a different answer to your friend’s question, and I often ask myself the same question to keep my motivation up. My answer is as straightforward as it gets: I live for Pleasure. Life is all but a process; the ultimate finish line is the same for all regardless of achievements, possessions and beliefs. So what differs is what we make of life before we head for the finish line. I live for pleasure, pleasure I gain from love, friendship, family, as simple as a good meal, as far as a worthwhile journey and as deep as sweet memories that make me smile. So that the day I lie in my grave, I’ll have a bag full of memories to take with me.
Obviously life is not all wonderful and fairyland like, but I have accepted the hardships and bumps on the road, as long as I know I am working towards what I deem meaningful. There is a fair degree of materialism in seeking for pleasure, okay. It also stretches beyond it – a sense of satisfaction when I have made a difference to others’ lives.
Some people choose to spend days or months pondering over this question. In essence, they don’t know what they want, so instead they go back to the root of purpose of existence. How about, your presence serves as evidence that your parents are reproductive, now get on with it. Wouldn’t it be better to accept our existence, move away from that question and get on with making the most out of Life?
I wouldn’t do anything differently even if the world ends in 2012. It only takes a car accident or a drunk junkie to make tomorrow the grand finale for me.
Love like you have never been hurt before, because a ‘what if…’ is too painful a question.
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