Short Summer Break

I went to Kansai again last month! This time it’s mainly for the music festival that I wanted to attend, Summer Sonic. My companions were not enthusiastic about it though, they just wanted to relax. Turned out the music festival was alright, not very exciting because the musicians weren’t the powerful live band type. That included The Cardigans, Garbage, Rihanna, Kesha… Luckily I still had Foster the People and they were great! We also had some near death experience.. The weather was so bad and we could clearly see strokes of lightning happening near us with dramatic scream from some Japanese girls.. And people were packed in a stadium just like refugees..

Other days were so great. My friend drove us to some place that I’ve never been to. We went to 和歌山 and had very nice grilled seafood at 黑潮巿場.

We also went to 丹後, which is on the north of Kyoto near the seaside.  久美浜 had some really nice beaches and hotspring. And 天橋立 is famous for it’s white wine and soba. The trip was relaxing. I like the countryside of Japan more than the cities. Kyoto was still fine, just a little boring for me now. Its contemporary side was more attractive to me this time.

How are your recently? I am doing well and quite comfortable in various aspects of my life in this stage. I feel like I’m kind of lucky and blessed.

I guess we are the type that would attract gossips? Sometimes I just do not understand why people like to gossip about me. I wasn’t even friends with those people, so why do they care? I have no interest in their lives whatsoever and I hope they would do the same. I’m fine with people talking behind me without me knowing it.. But when I know it, it’s kinda annoying.

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