Jason Mraz in Hong Kong


Last weekend I went to Jason Mraz’s ‘Tour is a Four Letter Word’ concert. It was full house but I got 2 tickets on the forth row with my best friend! Feeling lucky.

I remembered in the mixtape (or mix CD) I made you for your birthday, there were one or two Mraz’s songs in it. His songs are very good for weekends, chilled and relaxed. I also like his simple and truehearted lyrics. There’s nothing pretentious about him, which is difficult to do when you know you are popular.


There are some very positive and cheerful songs in his latest album. ‘The Freedom Song’, ‘Living in the Moment’, ‘Everything is Sound’, ‘Frank D. Fixer’ etc., these are some nice attitude to live our lives. 

He also performed a few old songs, ‘Remedy’, ‘You and I Both’, ‘Mr. Curiosity’, ‘Bella Luna’, ‘Lucky’, ‘I’m Yours’, ‘Make It Mine’, ‘Only Human’, ‘A Beautiful Mess’ etc.


It was so so great! Probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to. He may not be as entertaining as Jamie Cullum, or as charming as John Mayer, but he is so down to earth and truehearted. I guess that’s why he is so popular in Hong Kong. We were stuck in this pretentious world every day. His music helps us to escape from it. No matter how short that time is, it still helps.  

Oh, one more thing, Jason and the band kept throwing their guitar picks to the audience as souvenirs. I got one too. Gonna frame it.. haha 


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1 Response to Jason Mraz in Hong Kong

  1. wingyee86 說道:

    I’m so jealous>.< I have yet to see him live:( Take me with you next time when we're on the same continent?

    I've been insanely busy, like crazy hours busy… but I'll post you something soon. I've missed you, and I think of you a lot during summers.



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