Cherry Blossom

It’s been a long time since my last entry… Life is busy in these few months: work, exams, and life itself. Good to see you’ve made changes for your life. I have made some significant move in my life too…

I’ve traveled to Kansai with my parents in the Easter holiday. I can’t even remember when’s my last time to travel with parents before that. The trip is quite nice. I just hope I didn’t make the trip too rush for them.


We didn’t plan to go there for Sakura. The cherry blossom was a total surprise to us! My parents went crazy and took so many photos of the flowers. It was the whole purpose of the trip, to make them happy.

There was this great Sakura tree in the Imperial Garden. We took our only family portrait in the trip.


I’ve been to most of the places before this trip: Osaka, Kyoto, Uji and Nara. But there’s also some new experience for me. I went to 嵐山 and 龍安寺 for the first time.  And we went to Gion to see Maiko dance. It was a bit hilarious.

Since it was the cherry blossom period, 清水寺 was opened at night. It was nice in spite of the bad weather. we were cold and wet but overall it’s still enjoyable. I spent a night in the capsule hotel, 9 Hours. I loved it there.


The last bit of our trip is a visit to 桂離宮. It was the best Japanese architecture we saw in the whole trip. It inspired modernist architects in last century and it’s probably still influential. The garden and buildings are full of surprises. Your perception of the garden changed with every step you took along the path. The spaces, partitions, columns, are all clean and with some graphical quality in it. Every bit of it gives a little trace of modern design, which makes me believe, this can be the origin of modern architecture.


Let’s reactivate this blog! Cheers.

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