Christmas Foreplay

Merry Xmas!

 Christmas is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year. And like most women, I think the foreplay is the possibly best part… yea okay you get the odd ones who think foreplay is overrated, but let’s stick to the general consensus here:)
While HK is lit by lights plastered all over the buildings, London does it slightly simpler. And there is a sense of surrealism when walking home from the office in the dark under these lights. An Environmentalist at heart, I still believe Xmas wouldn’t be the same without them.
My biased opinion says it’s classier and more romantic in this part of London, while most would say it’s unimaginative and cheap. Central London makes more of an effort, Regent Street and Oxford Street lights up around the beginning of December to get us into the festive (more importantly, shopping) mood.
Then just over a month leading up to the 25th, Christmas markets and outdoor ice-skating rinks start popping up in the more iconic areas. I guess it’s not dissimilar to the concept of a Western 年宵, but prettier? The frozen toes, Rudolph nose, numbed face and Santa Clauses that have clearly been losing weight year after year… absolutely brilliant!
Finally there is also the crazy mad rush a few days before Christmas. People rushing out to do their last-minute Christmas shopping, stocking up on groceries for the Xmas feast, seizing the best Xmas deals and sorting out Xmas deliveries. We moved it forward a couple of days this year to roast our Xmas chicken (don’t like turkey) so my Brother could join.
 On the actual Xmas Day, this country stands to a complete still. No public transport, all shops close, everyone stays indoor – that’s when I know the foreplay is over.
Luckily, the crazy sales start on Boxing Day… At least the cuddle up afterwards is sweet:P
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1 Response to Christmas Foreplay

  1. lawsonlai 說道:

    nah.. foreplay is great haha.


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