First dim sum with parents in 2012, we didn’t go to fancy Chinese restaurant, we went to this dim sum place in Shamshuipo instead. I think you’ve probably heard of it because it is a one-Michelin-starred restaurant despite its down-to-earth appearance.

I think the shrimp dumplings and congee were not especially good. But the vermicelli rolls and BBQ pork bun were super. I like steam vermicelli rolls and this one was probably one of the best I’ve tasted. In the other hand I don’t quite like BBQ pork bun but this one is very good. The freshly baked bun was crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The turnip cake and fried noodles were good too.

The purpose of my trip to Shamshuipo was to find something for my turntable. But turned out the model I have is a bit too old. It is difficult to find an amp that compatible. In that case I may need to buy another ‘newer’ turntable if I want to listen to my vinyl.

I haven’t explored this district that much. It is a place full of life and surprises I may say. These second-handed stuffs have stories. It is not like those identical products from chain stores. We saw this antique clock with a little steel ball rolling on a plate. Things from the past are so much more sophisticated.

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1 Response to Shamshuipo

  1. wingyee86 說道:

    Argh… I want good dim sums:( There are 4000 things I wanna eat everytime I come back, but never have enough time…

    Shamshuipo is a bit of an alien area to me too, been told too many stories about gangsters and hookers. Maybe I need company… Portabello Road market sells ancient bits and pieces too, did you see it when you were in London? I wasn’t looking for anything in particular when I went years ago, so I thought it looked like a junk yard…


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