Music Under the Sun

I have been to two outdoor concerts in HK in past months. Both were taken place at the West Kowloon Cultural District. (I think the district is cultural enough as it is now, perhaps it needs a better and larger lawn but definitely not another shopping mall.) Don’t expect any well-known band would show up but the all the musicians are good enough for people to enjoy a good time there.

The first one was HK Jazz Festival. It was a friend’s birthday and also the National Day. Quite a relaxing one and I really enjoyed live Jazz. We also enjoyed the firework on the lawn. The firework of course was a bit too red but that’s fine. It was a great day with cheese, beer and wine.

The second one was Clockenflap. I have been to Clockenflap once and it was on the Cyberport podium. It was a really small venue but can still marginally claimed as ‘outdoor music festival’. This time it was at WKCD with three stages, much proper venue. Not particularly know any of the bands, but most of them are really nice. People with passion and talent could never let you down.

I’ve always fancied outdoor concerts in Europe since I was small. But I hadn’t had the chance until two years ago when I was in Venice for three weeks. I’ve been to Heineken Jammin’ Festival for one day. The line-up of that day was Stereophonics, The Cranberries and Aerosmith. Frankly I was not familiar with Aerosmith’s songs. I only knew Walk This Way and Don’t Wanan Miss a Thing when I walked in but the whole performance just blew me away. Really, only experienced band has that power in their live performances.

This summer I went to a great concert that really fitted my taste. I saw Jamie Cullum at Parkpop, Den Haag. I knew every song of his and his performance was so so great. I think I would never get bored with his music, especially when he plays live. I will still go to his concert whenever I have a chance. And Parkpop was free!

I still haven’t attended a concert at Hyde Park, what a shame. It would be the first thing on the list if I visited London again.

PS. In case I didn’t have another entry before Christmas. Merry Christmas! Have a great time with your loved ones.

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3 Responses to Music Under the Sun

  1. micsss 說道:

    If u love outdoor concert, u can go to the one organized by hk phiharmonic orchestra every year around November… It’s concert of ‘easy-to-listen’ classical for families held in happy valley under the sky with stars. Should be quite different from what you had before, but also nice experience!!! Of course better to bring cheese n wine along and enjoy a picnic with the music la!!! 🙂

  2. lawsonlai 說道:

    Oh right I missed that one out, I’ve been to the orchestral concert 2 or 3 years ago. It was nice.

  3. wingyee86 說道:

    You see, I’ve never been much of a music enthusiast. I listen to just about everything and anything, but more as background. I’d probably get into it if l actively look for them, scanning for them under my radar… but so far nothing has popped up that has prompted my curiosity.

    Maybe when you come over next time for the Hyde Park gig… convert me:)


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