近年香港發生的新鮮事多了(或留意多了),上星期到了中環的舊已婚警察宿舍,那裡有business of design week的detour,破舊的建築物充滿了本地藝術家和設計師的作品,當然也有建築師的。這類的展覽(如四年前在舊中區警署的建築雙年展)往往是被’活化’的建築物和活動的nature比較吸引,作品其實也無甚驚喜的。



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  1. wingyee86 說道:

    Isn’t the grass always greener on the other side? Art is commercialised in HK. Agreed. A touch of commercialism is the only breathing space Creativity can squeeze into in this city of realism. But I’m reluctant to believe Art is instigated on market value, because a) that’d be truly sad and b) we’re branding marketing/sales persons as artists.

    I’m more inclined to believe that it works the other way round. Art is inspired by daily life and personal experience, then infused with commercialism to attract awareness. I think this is how London does it, except the attention comes with less effort. Only reason for HK lacking the ‘real’ touch we hope for, is purely because hardship is an alien to these folks in HK. We (and I say ‘we’ because I still think I’m a part HKer) set our eyes on the prize, and it’s the outcome that counts. How we get there is barely worth mentioning, we’re results driven and reward orientated. Lacking in culture? Nah. Fault of the society? Nah. Defective mindset? Maybe…



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