Beauty of the Beast

We didn’t quite see autumn this year in London; skies just turner darker at earlier hours without much notice, and I walk home as night takes over. Not that I mind too much as my area takes on a different ambience as office lights stay on to keep things moving. They kinda make every effort to remind what life-sucking, energy draining bitches they are. And yea, I live right next to them.

The beauty of walking to work though, is that I never miss a worthwhile sunset.

Not sure if you’d agree, but May and October are the worst months of the year to get through. May is dull; Easter holiday just passed, weather is uncertain, it’s got 31 days and there are no major sales. But at least you’d have summer to look forward to and we get a meaningless Bank holiday over here. October is definitely the worst; Christmas is ages away, weather turns hostile and especially in London, God is constantly spitting on us. And so I have planned a brief escape to Amsterdam this weekend, obviously inspired by your recent visit. I think I need a joint or two to keep my head above this city of smoke.

I’ll keep you posted.

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